Get Well Soon

Kathy Sparling
Kathy Sparling


Your rabbit’s foot was powder blue, but maybe that was mine
Who possessed which good luck charm, which talisman to ward off time?
Now you seem sure each cell reflects not luck, but love
Though some, like lambs, have gone astray
Good shepherds watching from above pray:

Get well soon, oh get well soon.

At training camp for sleeper cells identities collapse
United in our misery from Reveille and straight through Taps
Now you’ll forgive my terror if we disagree
We’ve been activated on different sides of the infirmary.

Oh get well soon, please get well soon
I’ll keep you covered as you are
I won’t undress your battle scar
If you’ll get well soon.

In this waking nightmare my suspicions are confirmed:
You, in fact, are too good for this world.
I might strike a simple bargain in the name I’ve often cursed
It’s the details in this deal with the devil again…
Don’t leave us nurse — oh nurse — before we get well soon

Oh get well soon
I won’t discover who you are
You let me wear your battle scar
And just get well soon.