High Holy Days

Kathy Sparling
Kathy Sparling


Yes, those High Holy Days: the evocative language of the days of awe and repentance finds its way into an intimate pop song featuring the vocal harmonies of The House Jacks’ Austin Willacy.

Kathy Sparling – vocal, tenor guitar
Myles Boisen – electric guitar, bass
Tim Rowe – drums
Austin Willacy – harmony vocals


High Holy Days, we weather well.
We wait to hear truths we can no longer tell.      
We never put up a fight
There are wrongs here to right
And we’re mending our ways
High holy days.
Ring in the new, ring out the old!
These secrets are bells, yet to be tolled.
If we last through the week, our fates will be sealed
Lives rewritten, revealed.
Only now we may be paying        
For all the things that went without saying.
Words we never really meant,
Inscribed and sealed and yet unsent.
Relief, regret, repent…..
High holy days, awake in the night,  
Annulling our vows, awaiting first light.    
Relieve these demands,   
Lift it out of our hands,       
Now the sun is ablaze         
High holy days.         
Ring out the old, ring in the new!    
These secrets are knots, we can never undo.
If we make one more year, maybe they’ll yield         
Lives rewritten, revealed.