Kathy Sparling
Kathy Sparling


The hardest thing about it is how it’s never, ever done
Everything’s in order, seasons shift, you find you’ve just begun
The final load is folded, now you’ve gone and washed another one
Remember how it seemed like keeping house together would be fun?

Now how’re we gonna get this housework done?
How’re we ever gonna get our housework done?
Because there’s too much to do each day,
To keep it from slipping away…

With every surface dusty, no old pledge could cut through that
All our rooms seem musty and our unmade bed a haven for the cat
The tarnished silver can’t reflect your face or mine,
It used to seem so easy — just a smile could make this whole place shine

And now this is our life.
We’re both here wishing we had a housewife
With cheerful mop, judicious broom, airing every single room
Each corner yields to her vacuum, each closet freed from darkness and from gloom

The sink is full again, those greasy pans could make me cry
Make me chafe against it all and wonder why we even try
But as you stand there scrubbing, I suppose that I could dry
Side by side together, every single day,

And that’s why we’re gonna get this housework done
Why we’re always gonna get our housework done
Because there’s so much to do each day,
To keep it from slipping away.
The nicest thing about it is how it’s never really done
Every day another chance to wash the windows, let in the sun.