Shallow Pool

Kathy Sparling
Kathy Sparling


We’re in the pool, the shallow pool
The water’s fine, and you are mine
We practice strokes, and splash those other folks
But they don’t mind, not while the water’s fine
And you are mine.

We never dive, we’d hurt our heads
The ground so smooth and slick and solid in these shallow beds.
And if we had to we could stand and walk right out —
Instead we turn, we shout: Come in be mine; the water’s fine.

    I’ll float alone here, happy just to be
    Thinking about you thinking about me.
    Float long enough this pool becomes the sea…

Out on the banks, a little rest.
The sun beams down — it loves us best.
And if we asked them to each grain of sand would rise, would shine
Raising one voice divine: Come in, the water’s fine! And you are mine.