Whisper It

Kathy Sparling
Kathy Sparling


Kathy Sparling – vocal, tenor guitar
Myles Boisen – electric guitar, effects
Lisa Mezzacappa – acoustic bass
Tim Rowe – drums, effects


First I lost sight, flying blind through the night,
Silent circles, wearing a groove
Then by the guiding light of your eyes
I touched down just to watch your lips move
They keep the volume up high so we don’t have to think of that drop from the sky,
This brief dance on the brink, every mote, every eye, here then gone in a blink…
Won’t you whisper it to me, your breath on my cheek
Our senses grown sharper, the softer you speak
Waves of sound pound around us, voices raised like a fist
I won’t hear a word until you whisper it.
Each time that we come here we say it’s the last time
There must be some place we can talk.
Your eyes speak such volumes, each word off the books,
Turn it down, honey let’s take a walk.
Outside the fog wraps us close, white noise as it drips, now they’re readying boats,
As earth loosens its grip, and they’re praying they float, and you’re watching my lips…
Let me whisper it to you, my voice soft and low
The clamor in my heart you must already know.
Flood waters surround us, voices drowned bit by bit.
Lean closer to my lips, you won’t miss a word, when I whisper it.