1. Just Your Eyes

From the recording As You Believed


They’re just eyes, They’re not windows open on the wide green valley of your soul Or shuttered up against old fears of what you might control.They’re the other kind of irises and not the flower Through that lens you strain to see without a higher powerAnd all your visions come as some surpriseWhen after all they’re only eyes.They’re just your eyes, Not the fields the sky the sea the gathering stormThey can’t hear or touch or taste all this take form.They’re not reflecting pools luminous and trueSometimes I might misremember their fine hueIf love is colorblind or taken in by small disguiseCan’t trust those eyes, not just your eyes.And true, they mostly see what they want to see But once in a while maybe that could be me.I’m not so farsighted either,And seeing you up close might make me a true believerEven though they’re just your eyes…Not beacons flashing on the brink of the abyss.Careful if you blink them — think what you might miss.If you closed them now or even glanced awayWould I still be here, would my own light stay?                             They’re not stars to follow which way my home liesAs this day dies,They’re still just eyes.