1. Love Song

From the recording As You Believed


Some girls must figure this out sooner —Maybe when they’re leaning on the Easy Bake,Planning every layer in the wedding cake.This flower must be a late bloomer.Before I met you darling I could never see,But since you ask it’s come to me:I don’t want to get married. Oh it’s sweet to see you down on your knees,But you know all those flowers would only make us sneeze.I don’t want to get married. They talk a lot about it so there must be a catch,But I don’t think I mind if our flatware doesn’t match.I don’t want to get married, but if you say you do, I do. If you say you do, then I do too.White is not my color and spaghetti straps won’t do;I just want to love, honor, cherish you.I want to fight about it so we know it’s strong,Then spend the whole night dancing to our song.I don’t want to get married. The sentiment is borrowed and the words aren’t new,But I want to be there when you’re old and when you’re blue.Are there two sides of the aisle so the families won’t fightUntil the politics of buffet mixes later in the night?From the wings I hear the march begin, the tensions grow...The flower girl is terrified, and then she steals the show — no!I don’t want to get married. I don’t need to watch while you do violence to a glass,Or have some out of work Elvis bless us in Vegas.Up-do, down-do, chignon, it’s a pain in the ass,But if you say you do, I do. If you say you do, then I do too. Say you do, I do.