From the recording Blind Spot

Kathy Sparling – vocals, tenor guitarMyles Boisen – organBlue Sky Choir: KG Greenstein, Vanessa Lowe, Sophie Sparling, Karry Walker


Blanketing all of the earth like a shroudSoft sky of blue, not the hint of a cloudWhile the people beneath move from pleasure to pain,Face disappointment again and again.And it’s holding its breath braced for cruelty and fear,Helplessly knowing it only provides atmosphere…. Somewhere the sky is blue,But not here, not today, not with you.We’ve got a cover of soft downy cloud,Thunder within and the rain drumming loud,While the wind howls then sighs out an old song made new,Somewhere the sky may be blue, but not over you.Now it’s cheering us on with that bright blue façade,Holding back tears like some grief-stricken god.Always streaming down sunshine, reflecting off lakes,Endlessly watching us make the same rookie mistakes.Now if you bore such witness here day after day,You’d be sad too, you might turn steely gray…Somewhere the sky is blue (etc.)I’d like to teach it to storm, and be done.Forget at the end of each day.I beg forgiveness for all that we’ve done.Think of centuries, watching the wreck, never looking away….Somewhere the sky is blue (etc.)