From the recording As You Believed


Get your bags, the sun has set, the moon is on the riseWe’re traveling by night this time, we can’t yet close our eyesSpace is small but, after all, there’s only you and IAnd framed within your window, in the vast familiar sky, you’ll see:The moon is coming with us, her orbit locked with oursOur wheels turn with the planets, high beams shine with the starsAs tides recede before us, we’re bathed in silver lightThe moon is coming with us, out on the road tonight.Better still, forget the bags, we’ll leave it all behindWe’ve lived through every phase by now, and I won’t change my mindThis hasn’t been the kind of place that asks “remember when?” Those towns and cities speeding past, we’ll never see againBut the moon is coming with us...It’s lunacy to run like this, or maybe it’s a dreamWe’ll wake to streaming sunlight, one another set agleamIn such illumination we’ll see every gift bestowedThere really is no dark side, just the cycle, just the roadAnd the moon that’s coming with we’re not alone tonight.