From the recording Blind Spot

An intimate, contemplative meditation, caught forever in suspense, weaving between the melancholic strains of Dan Cantrell on pump organ and Cheap Suit Serenader Robert Armstrong on saw.
Kathy Sparling – vocalRobert Armstrong – sawMyles Boisen – bassDan Cantrell – pump organ


I flipped a coin: one pockmarked penny as we’re calculating costs. Watching it fall I heard the call; it was heads you won and tails I lost.Thankfully it fell into a wishing well. As it sank I closed my eyes and wished I wished you well. But that’s no way to make a life decision, leaving everything to chance that way.So instead I’m going to stake everything on the next thing you say.Choose your words. Second thoughts this time would come too late.The coffee was unwise, still I can hold my tongue and I can wait. Now what’s the matter baby can’t you speak?Your eyes so full and brimming, do you think loose lips might spring a leak?And that’s one way to make a life decision, basing everything on signs along the way.     So, tonight, I’m basing everything on the next thing you say.I’m flipping one last coin: just a gambler’s habit still maybe you’d better choose. That graceful arc spells clearly this time: heads I win and tails you loose.Dismembering a daisy – one petal, one vote.Sweating through the clearing of the jury foreman’s throat. I’ll try to draw one more bated breathTo find out if it’s life again, or if it’s finally death. It feels a lot like heartbreak either way,So I may as well pin everything on the next thing you say.