From the recording As You Believed


Still working out what I would sayTo all the ones that got away:The ones who staked their claim inside,Who conquered, then did not divide.The ones I never got to holdWho, in their youth, already oldShowed me how the flesh is weak —To those shy spirits, could I speak?I’m sorting out the words I’d chooseIf, finding nothing left to lose,I took the chance to start again,To squarely face each could have been.Delivering just speechAs meaning whispered each to each.Nursed grievances have kept at bayAll the ones that got awayAnd you. To you, such talk is cruel.To you, who stay, always too much to say.Now sirens passing by outsideSound tentative — they can’t decide.They’re holding back a little bitRacing hearts, but can’t commit.An urgent message just the sameAnd, anyway, I changed my name.I named each one again todayTo silence all the ones that got away.