1. Voyager

From the recording As You Believed


If you’re reading this I never made it out.It’s no good to entertain false hope, or doubt.My directive was precise: Take measure once, then don’t think twice.If you’re reading this I did not hesitate,Or, if I did turn back, by then they’d barred the gate,And if you’re reading this I guess you didn’t wait.If you’re hearing this the capsule made good time.The record of our world caught in its prime.How could I presume to chooseA kiss, a heartbeat, one man’s blues?An offering, a sacrificial dance,Such optimism as we dared advance,But if you’re hearing this we never stood a chance.Now don’t flinch, don’t choke, just play along.If you just stay quiet, I’ll stay gone.And if you’re watching this she’s probably watching too —A third eye in a watchtower built for two.My voice so easy to locate: She speaks, and you triangulate.You’ve placed me on that line from love to hate,And I’d ask you both to intercede with fate,But if you’re watching this it’s already too late.